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轻水反应堆 light water reactor( LWR)

清水衙门 work unit which has no outside income

清算/结算 clearing /settlement

清算公司 clearing corporation; liquidation company

清算银行 clearing bank

情同手足 be bound together like brothers and sisters

倾销 dump; dumping

轻型汽车 light-duty vehicle

情有独钟 show special preference (favor) to …

青藏高原 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

清洁用品 cleaning supplies

情景喜剧 situation comedy; sitcom

情侣装 his-and -hers clothes

请勿乱丢杂物 no littering

清正廉明 be honest and clean

清真食品 Halal food

七年之痒 seven years itch

企事业单位 enterprise and public institution

求 大 同 , 存 小 异 seek common ground on major question while reservingdifferences on minor ones

求实精神 matter-of -fact attitude

求职信 applicat ion letter

求同存异 seek common ground while putting aside differences

企业的承受能力 the sustainability of enterprises

企 业 分 离 办 社 会 relieving enterprises of their obligat ion to operate socialprograms


祈愿法会 prayer meeting (The 11th Panchen Lama, Erdeni Gyaincain Norbu, presidedover a prayer meeting in Beijing Wednesday, in which he prayed for peace in theareas struck by a magnitude 8 earthquake on May 12. 第十一世班禅额尔德尼·确吉杰布周三在北京为汶川 8级地震灾区主持祈愿法会,祈祷平安。)

屈体 pike

去伪存真 get rid of the fake and retain the genuine

区位商业 location-based commerce

取消禁运 lifting of embargo

取信于民 attain the people's trust

区域经济 regional economies

区域自治 regional autonomy

全方位、多层次、 宽领域的对 外开放格局 all-dimensional, multitiered and wide-ranging openingpattern

全方位外交 mult i-faceted diplomacy

权贵资本主义(又译裙带资本主义或亲朋好友资本主义) crony capitalism

全国财政收入 total government revenue

全国防治非典指挥部 the National Headquarters on SARS Control

全国非典疫情监测网络直报系统 the national SARS control and reporting system

全 国 高 等 教 育 自 学 考 试 指 导 委 员 会 the China Council for Self-taught HigherEducation Examinations

全国公共卫生体系 national public health system

全国人大代表 deputy to the National People's Congress

全国人口普查 nationwide census

全国人民代表大会 National People's Congress (NPC)

全国人民代表大会主席团 the NPC Presidium

全国人民代表大会常务委员会 the NPC Standing Committee

全国通信光缆骨干网 a key national network of communications optical cables

全国卫生城市 National Hygienic City


全国性大罢工 general strike (Greek labor unions were planning a general strike anda mass protest on Wednesday against the country's economic austerity measures.希腊工会计划在周三举行一次全国性大罢工和大规模抗议活动,以反对国家推行的经济紧缩措施。)

全国政协常委递补委员 by-elect members to the Standing Committee of the Ninth CPPCCNational Committee

全景宽银幕电影 cinepanoramic

权力法案 Bill of Rights

权力交接仪式 power handover ceremony (The Special Envoy of the Chinese government,Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei will attend the power handover ceremony ofUruguay President on March 1, at the invitation of the government of theOriental Republic of Uruguay. 应乌拉圭东岸共和国政府邀请,水

利部部长陈雷将作为中国政府特使出席于 3 月 1 日举行的乌拉圭总统权力交接仪式。)

权力下放 delegate power to the lower levels; shift of power to the grassroots

全力以赴 all-out efforts

全面推进党的建设的新的伟大工程 forge ahead with the new great project of Party building

全面建设小康社会 build a well-off society in an all-round way

全面禁止和彻底销毁核武器 complete prohibition and thorough destruction nuclearweapons

全面开花 (figurat ive)open up or develop all of the varios aspects

全面实施以德育为核心、以创新精神和实践能力为重点的素质教育 carry on the quality education centering onmoral educat ion and emphasizing creativity and practice

全面小康社会 a well-off society in an all-round way

全面战略伙伴关系 the comprehensive strategic partnership

全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan

全民健身运动 extensive mass fitness programs

全能冠军 all-around winner

全盘否定 totally repudiate

全球变暖 global warming

全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS)

全球多边贸易体系 global system of multilateral trade

全球首映 world premiere (Movie stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan attended the worldpremiere event of their latest film "The Forbidden Kingdom" in Beijing April16.影星李连杰和成龙 4 月 18 日在北京出席了联袂出演的新片《功夫之王》全球首映礼。)

全球移动通信系统(全球通) global system for mobile co mmunicat ions (GSM)


三来一补企业 "the enterprises that process raw materials on clients' demands,assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients' samples; orengage in compensation trade."

三连冠 three successive championships

三连胜 hat-trick feat (Liu Xiang steals limelight after hat-trick feat atNational Games. 刘翔全运会获三连胜佳绩,成媒体关注焦点。)

三 民 主 义 the Three People's Principles (Nat ionalism, Democracy and thePeople's Livelihood) put forward by Dr. Sun Yat-sen

三农问题 issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers

三陪 girls who provides illegal sexual services, esp. prostitute

三权分立 separation of the executive, legislat ive and judicial powers

三十而立 "A man should be independent at the age of thirty. / At thirty, a manshould be able to think for himself." 三通 "three direct links of trade, mail, andair and shipping services across the Taiwan Straits

" 三通一平 "three supplies and one leveling; supply of water, electricity androad and leveled ground (conditions ready for further economic development)"三网

融合 tri-networks integration (The much-anticipated tri-networks integrationwill cover China's urban areas in three years, five years at most, theSecurities Daily reported Monday, cit ing an unnamed official with the Ministryof Industryand Information Technology (MIIT).《证券日报》本周一援引工业和信息化部一位未透露姓名的官员的话说,备受期待的三网融合将在三至五年内覆盖中国的城市地区。)

三维电影 three-dimensional movie

三维动画片 three-dimensional animation

三无企业 "three-no-enterprises (It refers to enterprises with no capital, noplant,

and no administrative structure.)"

三峡工程 Three Gorges Project

三峡水利枢纽二期工程 the second phase of the key water control project at the ThreeGorges on the Yangtze River

三下乡 "a program under which officials, doctors, scientist and college studentsgo to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offermedical service to farmers"

“三沿”开放(沿海、沿边、沿江) "Sea-shore, River-shore, Border-shore" opening-up

散装 load in bulk

三字经 three-character scripture

三资企业(中外合资企业,中外合作企业,外商独资企业) "three kinds of foreign-invested enterprises orventures: Sino-foreign joint ventures, cooperative businesses and exclusivelyforeign-owned enterprises in China "

三自原则 principles of self-administration, self-support and self-propagation

三等功 third-class merits


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